Susceptibility Testing

Microbial Research, Inc. has extensive knowledge in susceptibility testing.

All susceptibility testing is performed according to published Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) procedures, as available. Many internal procedures for fastidious organisms have been developed at Microbial Research, Inc.

Susceptibility testing is conducted using readily available antimicrobials and chemicals as well as Sponsor-developed proprietary products being investigated to determine potential activity or utility. We utilize commercially available panels but can also create custom panels to suit your specific needs.

We are able to conduct susceptibility tests using broth microdilution, agar dilution and disk diffusion techniques. We conduct susceptibility tests one at a time or using high throughput techniques to conduct hundreds a day giving our customers fast and reliable turnaround times.


Don (Microbial Research Inc.’s owner) has been a contributing member of the Veterinary Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (VAST) subcommittee for CLSI since its inception in 1994.

We regularly conduct susceptibility tests for the following organisms: